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Happy Anniversary: 10 Years in the Making

Today, July 31st, marks my 10th year of marriage to my one and only. Our time together is moving incredibly fast. From our first chance meeting outside our simple apartment complex in Boone to today’s kiss before heading out on my morning bike ride, we continue to mark our time with warm togetherness, spirited laughter and limitless love.

With my ride complete, I return home to a dreamer’s dream. As I type my wife is catching up on some much-needed rest downstairs. Baby boy is napping in his crib. The house is quiet. Writing is about reflection and I now have this moment. For starters, thank God for all the blessings he has bestowed on our simple family. My heart and head now fill with memories of our time together. They are the snapshot moments, the prologue past that we build upon.

The lead up to our tenth year anniversary has already been marked by so many great moments. Ten years in, our marriage continues to reach the greatest of heights. We have climbed to the top of the Eiffel Tower and yet our hearts leapt a thousand times higher with the birth of our baby boy. We have climbed hundreds of trails along the Blue Ridge Parkway and yet the trails we stroll today offer greater reward because we take our sweet son along for the ride.

Baby boy in many ways reminds us both to not only be thankful for him, but to also be thankful for one another. We are all precious vessels. We all bring meaning to this world. We each deserve an everyday celebration because each day is its own special anniversary.

As I type/ reflect, I want to remind myself to embrace life. Marriage and family is all about shared comfort in the face of adversity. Love powers us through life’s challenges and helps us share its greatest rewards. Life will continue to present its trials and triumphs. I remain thankful that I have two great companions by my side to help me embrace the ebb and flow of the journey.

These past ten years would have meant nothing without my one and only. The same goes for the infinite future that awaits us . . .

Baby boy is waking up. Life is calling. I am one of the lucky ones. Together we formulate infinity.

I’ll say it all day, every day (quietly to myself and aloud when necessary):

“Happy Anniversary!”